Class Curriculum


Our ballet training is based on the Russian tradition of dance education. Russian ballet has combined the best, distinctive elements of French, Italian and Russian styles. The Vaganova method has become the foremost method of teaching. Students study basic foot, arm and body placement through exercises at the barre, in the center and floor stretches. Proper ballet terminology is used during class.



Training on pointe begins only after strong, comprehensive and basic technique has been developed and the feet, back and legs are sufficiently strong. Pointe is taught after two or three years of preparation in intermediate ballet classes. Concurrent registration in ballet and permission of the instructor is required.



Designed to develop a basic understanding of the technique and quality of movement. Previous/concurrent ballet training is recommended.



Lyrical is expressive ballet with jazz influence. Classes in lyrical jazz are for students with a strong background in ballet and jazz. Prerequisites: All students must be enrolled in a ballet class to take lyrical.



Enables the student to have a knowledge of the tap vocabulary and method of counting tap steps. The student will develop coordination, rhythm, clarity of sounds and coordinate body movement with footwork. Previous/concurrent ballet training is recommended.



Based on the Martha Graham technique and encourages expression and freedom of movement. Previous/concurrent ballet training is recommended.



A fun and freestyle form of dance that helps to improve the dancer's coordination using high energy steps and sharp movements with a fresh, funky flare!



These classes creatively develop motor skills, flexibility, rhythm and self-expression. Children experience the wonder of music, movement and enjoyment of dance. Young students will have a half hour ballet and 15 minutes of both tap and jazz.


Creative Movement

This class is designed to spark the interest of our young dancers. A fun experience focusing on musical awareness and the development of motor skills, balance, movement and rhythm training. Here, dancers will be introduced to basic ballet and tap skills, and terminology.